Lemonade Stand


  • Use left mouse button to play.

Lemonade stand is an indispensable simulation game. Here, you will run a lemonade store, use your wisdom to buy ingredients, match with exclusive recipes, and sell lemonade in different weather and different periods. Record every achievement and then perfect and improve all aspects of quality to become the best operator.

Lemonade stand’s game content

In Lemonade stand, before entering a formal game, you can choose the business hours you want to challenge, which are seven days, 14 days, and 30 days. You will have 20 US dollars as a reserve fund to purchase ingredients with a mouse click. The lower-left corner has a weather forecast and a temperature display so that you can buy parts according to this condition. When entering the official sale, you can set the price of lemonade and adjust it according to the weather.

Lemonade stand’s game features

It is a strategic game, which requires you to change the recipe of lemonade according to the existing conditions of the game. At the end of every day’s operation, there will be a summary, which can see the feedback from customers to make better improvements. The daily supplies will be sold out according to regular sales, so it is necessary to eat the materials at any time to ensure the supply of goods. Profits will be recording for every period, so you can continuously challenge yourself.

Have you ever tried to become a shop owner? If you have, come to Lemonade stand online to experience it and find out the experience and feeling.  Here you will take the start-up fund to prepare all kinds of needed materials, and then decide the price according to the weather when you leave the booth the next day. These things need to be carefully considered to gain more popularity.  If you want to try something else, papa’s pizza will allow you to experience all kinds of jobs and only offer different flavours of pizza to various guests.

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